'Shaq-Fu' sequel goes into production following successful crowdfunding
By Andrew Webster,

"It’s time to start production."

In March, NBA star Shaquille O’Neal kicked off a crowd­fund­ing cam­paign to fund a sequel to the infa­mous 16-bit game Shaq-Fu — and it may have been close, but the fund­ing was ulti­mate­ly suc­cess­ful.…

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Jedi Variant

This was done alongside designing the Ninja, and the two influenced eachother. We’ve been working on our Benefactor designs lately, and this was born from a request for a practical Jedi outfit. Something that you wouldn’t have to take off before engaging in a lightsaber duel.

So these are some of the sketches that came out of that conversation. We’ll be making one custom for our benefactor, but then we may release something like it in the future, if there seems to be a demand.

EDIT: Added a Sith variation for y’all.


Now Available: The Harrier!

The harrier is available for pre-order. Have you been wondering what you can wear to break bread with the leading members of the Revolution? Do you need to pass among the well groomed members of the aristocracy? The Harrier sports a swallow-tail cut away, ideal for looking elegant on horseback or climbing into a baroque carriage. We think it looks pretty cool on the subway or climbing into your sedan as well.

This jacket is short in the front, and slopes towards the back, allowing for comfort and grace as you walk, climb etc. It echoes the military and formal morning coats of the turn of the century. If you’re feeling revolutionary or perhaps prefer a more steam-powered version of history, we hope you’ll like this design!

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셜록홈즈랑 스팀펑크 둘다 그리려다 귀찮아서 합쳤더니ㅠㅋㅋㅋ

yyyyyyyes please

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Created by Paul Robertson

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Pray for South Korea

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